Invest in the Future of Computing

Company Overview

Semantic Computing is now accepted as the only way we can make effective use of the massive growth in data or “Big Data”. This data is generated by billions of devices being connected to the Internet, a paradigm recognised as “The Internet of Things”. We have now been approached by some of the world’s leading software companies to partner with them, as well as funding by US Venture Capital companies. We expect to announce a global distribution partnership in early 2016.

The Problem

Due to the exceedingly increasing amounts of data being collected, "Big Data" and the shortage of data analysts to process and make use of it, the software industry has looked to various artificial intelligence techniques to fill the void. With one exception, the results have been disappointing. The exception is an Artificial Intelligence technique known as Semantic Computing, first proposed in 1998 by now Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Products and Services

We began a Research and Development program to build a Cognitive Computing platform based on Semantic Computing, known as our Semantic Computing Platform. We have now built that platform which is comprised of several suites and has been reviewed favourably by researchers from Universities and several Government Departments. Two of these suites have been released to the global market in 2016 with a plan to roll-out more suites in 2017. The platform will act as a computerised research assistant to doctors, data scientists, analysts, and the like.

Target Market

Initially, we will target Government Departments, Medical Researchers and Health Informatics professionals, Legal and Financial Institutions, and Data Analytics Companies, within Australia, The United States and Europe. These geographic markets have clearly indicated the need for such a platform and have shown widespread interest in various Artificial Intelligence techniques. The reason is these industries have recognised the need for their vast amounts of data to be turned into useful and meaningful data via an analytics platform. Most data is unable to be processed at the rate needed and via our Semantic Computing Platform, we will enable human-like understanding of data to be processed at the speeds and memory available via a computer.

Business Model

To educate the importance of Semantic Computing within the AI realm, we have launched the Semantic Academy. The academy aims to provide an insight into the technologies behind Semantic Computing and its importance to various business sectors. In alignment, the development partnership with the University will give us the credibility we need to confidently launch our product into the market and provide a sound reference for potential licensees.

Sales and Marketing

We are rather unique in the data analytics space and we are currently the only Australian company offering a semantic platform such as ours. We have reached out to many Government agencies in Canberra, such as the Australian Information Industry Association, to educate and market to those who have shown interest in data analytics. We have had a few partnership planning sessions with companies and more scheduled throughout 2016.


Currently, we have only one major competitor, IBM's Watson, and a few smaller niche players in the Artificial Intelligence space. Fortunately we are the only one with a fully customisable offering capable of being hosted on either the cloud or within the customers own server. The benefit being that the customer can ensure their own security standards and policies for their customers data, with Semantic Software providing support where needed.

Our Advantage

Apart from being the only Australian company with a Semantic platform offering, we also have an extensive and very valuable patent portfolio to protect our technology. The first patent was awarded in 2008 and has a life extending to 2024. We have 4 issued US patents and 1 issued AUS patent, 14 continuity patents pending, and 8 provisional patents pending. As we continue to research and develop, we will continue to patent along the way to ensure we maintain protection and ownership.


This is a serious opportunity for safe, well above average returns on investment typical of world leading software companies at the beginning of their early high growth phase. You will profit substantially from an increasing share price based on:

  1. revenue from our product, our software services, and our "Semantic Academy" education program
  2. revenue from global software companies licensing our software, and online subscribers
  3. the growing value of our patent portfolio
  4. a NASDAQ IPO, or a trade sale, in 2018.


If you would like more information on investing with Semantic Software, please enquire via our contact us page. Alternatively visit or TechCrunch to view our profile.